Back on the road again.

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Back on the road again.

Post by pickup » Wed Nov 25, 2015 6:05 pm

Had a few reliability issues with the Diesel marina pickup . Every time it went out it broke down ! Almost everything was changed until the tank was finally found to be the culprit . Red rust inside which clogged up everything . A secondhand tank was sourced from ebay a few weeks ago and fitted along with another fuel filter and flushout .
Whilst in the workshop it was the obvious time to have the gearbox out for a rebuild which was known to be required . The box is the for the B series engine and is a little beefier for the diesel . It was a real mess inside having been run dry . Earlparts came up trumps with a new laygear , layshaft and (4) layshaft bearings . Also a new reverse idler . Amazing service as this is rare stuff now . Test drive and driven back to the airfield today without stopping and without the cacophony of sound which used to emenate from the old box .
Altogether hard work but pleased to have it all back and usable . Can now get the smaller jobs such as window rubbers done at leisure .
I googled diesel marina pickup and found what appears to be my one liveried up at a Leicester car dismantlers . Must give them a ring and see if they can shed any light on the vehicle history .

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